10 Decorating Trends to Avoid In 2021

If you are looking to renovate and spruce up your home, it is a good to do some research on the trendy designs that are likely to stick around for some time and those that are on their out. You don’t want to commit to big changes only to find them getting phased out.

To help, we have compiled a list of decorating trends to avoid in 2021. It is important to mention that the trends we will discuss here are not outdated but they are simply not trending or are at the end of their hype.

Let’s discuss the decorating tends to avoid;


1.      All White Kitchen

It is true that white walls never goes out of style as they make a room look and feel calm. However, when you have white walls and end up following the all-white themes for cabinets and lightings, then it becomes overly bright.

White-on-white trend was a thing for years, but it has now become somehow old-fashioned, especially when you have white walls, white ceiling, and white flooring.

White should be a colour that bring balance and accentuate other features in a room. Nowadays, people are moving towards slightly warmer whites with other sandy tones to bring out a classic, cosy feel.


2.      Colour Blocking

Colour blocking is where you paint two contrasting colours to create distinctive walls. It was a fun way of playing with colours in home whereby you combined a favourite shade with another relating shade to create a contemporary theme.

This has been a trendy way of decorating homes in the past few years, but it’s slowly getting outdated. If you insist on colour blocking, choose the shades you want to combine carefully. Work with a professional to accomplish the colour theme you want for your home without ‘crashing’ everything.


3.      Open Floor Plans

Many people will not want to hear this, but the open-concept floor plans often feel vast and cold, especially when there are few occupants in a home and the space is too big.

Of course, we are not suggesting you go back to the days when compartmentalized small rooms were trendy, but you can be creative.

The goal of any home is to create a cosier, more intimate spaces throughout the room. Therefore, aim to create visual separation in your vast space by arranging your furniture in a way that show division or have floor screens. You can even create visual separation by having different wall colours in different spaces. This will create a virtual delineation.


4.      White Industrial Retro Tiles

Retro tiles have enjoyed a period of revival in residential homes, despite them being more common in industrial settings. Their rise in popularity was due to their gritty appearance that brightens up walls.

It is true that they have had their moment, but today, the streamlined, curved or square tiles are slowly taking over.

Therefore, if you were planning on decorating your kitchen or bathroom with industrial tiles and had already bought them, you can choose to bleach their grout to make the outdated rectangle more subtle.


5.      Matching Furniture With Wall Colour

Another trend that was dead on arrival was that of matching furniture with wall colour. This often creates a monotonous feeling.

This article by https://www.amorybrown.co.uk that has details about a do it yourself dressing table is a good resource if you want to do your own matching.

It is ‘criminal’ to match furniture with the walls- you should mix things up to create an aesthetic feel in a room.

Also, when applying colour to walls, it is better to use similar shades from one colour family or use varying shades of one colour rather than using one exact colour throughout.

Just like what you see in nature, colours in your home should layered. Therefore, when thinking of the colour to use, think of a combination that will create a storied, layered feel. Avoid repetition- embrace harmonious colours that will bring balance to your space.


6.      Floating Shelves In Kitchen

Many people will not agree with this, but floating shelves design are not ideal for small kitchens. It may be fancy and appropriate for spacious kitchen, but for many people who have small kitchens, it might not be ideal.

This article by Mums Space https://www.mums-space.co.uk/diy-kitchen-floating-shelves-the-ultimate-guide/ is a great guide on DIY floating shelves.

If you would like to make your kitchen look modern, you can opt for glass front cabinets. These will create a sense of openness without the floating shelves that often seem disproportionate in many kitchens. Another reason to use glass shelves is because they are timeless. You can decorate with gold-metal grids to create a more luxurious feel.


7.      False Stones and Fake Plants

Fake materials such as fake marble and terrazzo makes a room look cheap. Yes, they may look attractive, but they will never look real. So, while veined marble and true terrazzo can look great in a kitchen or bathroom, if you can’t afford, consider more affordable, natural alternative materials.

In the same say, you shouldn’t have fake plants, greenery or flowers in your home. If you want to have plants in your home, consider going for low-maintenance houseplants.

Look for articles online on how to grow plants indoors and the best options for your region.


8.      Rose Gold Details

Accessorizing with rose gold was a feminine and a popular choice for bathrooms, but that train has already passed.

Just like millennial pink, this trend has become outdated. If you want to decorate your bathroom, go for classics such as golden or chrome brass- these are timeless shades.


9.      Children-Themed Rooms

Many times, people get excited about kids and forget they grow up very first. Therefore, don’t fall into trap of going for short-term themes for your kid room. Instead, design their room with their future needs and preferences in mind.

Therefore, make their space child-friendly and incorporates their personality in the theme. The point here is- decorate their room with a theme that includes basic concepts that will sustain them to adolescence age.


10.  Word Arts

If you go to any decorating store, you are sure to find plenty of motivational word arts. While it is great to have inspiring pieces on your walls, the period for word arts is long gone. Instead, have paint works that feel special to you.


Wrap Up

When it comes to home décor, it should be something personal. Yes, we have discussed trends that are going out of style, but if you still love any of them, go for it.

The point here is- decorate in a way that gives you satisfaction but be sure to avoid cliché and outdated trends.